USPS change of address guide

In this article we shall explore the process involved with updating your postal address online. The United States Postal Service understand that moving house is one of the most stressful things your average person can go through and have made it really simple to update your postal address on there website. Simply search USPS change of address in your browser search engine or go direct to the Unites States Postal Service website and follow the link listed under ‘Moving soon?’ To get started with the process.

The introduction page to the change of address covers the benefits of doing your change of address online, and covers there privacy statement, by clicking continue at the bottom left of the page you agree to abide by there terms of service and that any information provided is accurate and honest.

The next web page you will be presented with covers the type of move you will be making. Temporary moves are for people who intend to return to there old address within 12 months, going to college for a semester is a perfect example of this, clicking the circle for temporary moves also brings up an additional box for what date the redirection of mail ends. Permanent moves are where you do not intend to return to the old address at all. You are then asked what date you would like your mail to be redirected from. This is the day you move into your new address, it is best to set the change of address up in plenty of time for your move, this allows for the post office to set up the mail forwarding. If you have clicked for a temporary move, you will also be asked when you would like the mail redirection to end. This is the date you intend to leave the address and return to your old one. All dates should be written in Month, Day, Year format.

The next three options cover the type of move, Individual moves are for one person, If you are receiving mail under another name, you will need to fill in a form for each name you use.

The family option is used when everyone in your family with the same last name is moving. If you have family members moving with you under different last names, you will need to use the individual option for each person with a different last name.

Finally the business option is used for people moving there business address.

Simply click the circle that suits your needs and then click the continue option in the lower right hand corner of the web page.

The next page is your personal details.

The first three boxes are for your first Middle and last names, simply type in the required information. There
is a drop down menu box to choose your suffix, I.E Mr, Mrs, Jr etc.

The next section is your email address, type it into the text box here, and again in the confirm email box, this is so the USPS can send you a confirmation email of your redirection.

In the USPS requires one contact phone number for processing the change of address. It is up to you if it is a land line or mobile number.

The next two sections of this online form cover your new and old addresses, take care to fill these in accurately, The longer boxes are for your property number or name, and street. There are separate boxes for your city, state and ZIP codes. It can be helpful to get someone else to double check you have entered all these details correctly. Under the boxes for the New address there is a check button for if your new address has been built within the last six months.

Finally on this page there is an option to receive USPS Informed Delivery, this offers a snapshot of all letter sized deliveries sent to you. As well as the option to track parcels that are coming to you though the USPS. When you click continue you will be taken to a page to confirm your identity, The USPS charge $1 to your credit or debit card, this electronically confirms that you are who you say you are, and is used as a fraud prevention measure. Fill in your card details in the relevant boxes on the page and click continue.

As part of the USPS process they offer a large number of coupons to people moving changing there address. This is dealt with on the page ‘instant savings’ and is the final step before confirming your change of address. When you are through to section five ‘Confirm order, take a moment to carefully read over everything again, this ensures everything runs smoothly for both you and the postal service.

Changing address online is not as scary as it first seems, and can save you a lot of time going to your local post office, also you get an instant email confirmation when the mail redirection is set up, which gives a huge piece of mind when you are moving.