The future of shaving

Imagine shaving and feeling less concerned with the mess left behind. Well if you have a Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer Series 7200 this is more of a reality than a dream or a sci-fi movie. With the new stainless steel blades that are effectively designed to cut hair perfectly leaving no marks on your skin. It’s almost like the best safety razor at

More so the Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer Series 7200 is like none other with every pass the blades cut hair leaving none for a faster trimming.With its advanced lithium-ion battery, it could shave atleast twenty faces without going off while delivering its maximum high performance power. One hour twenty minutes unstoppable of use just from eighty minutes of charge also not forgetting that it can used while charging without the fear of shocking or blowing off on your face. It also has a battery indicator. You do not have to shave with fear of it going off, the indicator makes it more easier and fun to shave.

As in its just awesome shaving knowing how much power you have and how long you have to do a proper and complete shave.Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer Series 7200 comes with a high system which is used to trap and lift as many hairs as possible from the powerful suction created leaving you with very little or no mess to clean. You can actually shave on your way to work and no one will come after you for littering since 90 percent of the hair cut will be vacuumed. Adding a little style after a shave is always a mans want, i mean who would not want to look classy, to cut the long story short ,when you get that desired trim , finish up your style by pressing the precision trimmer.

The innovative lift and trim technology which effectively guides and pulls the hairs up while shaving and putting that awesome style is all a guarantee because of the rounded comb technology to deliver a skin friendly time and efficient cut.Most people prefer or like leaving their stuff clean and tidy. keeping the Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer Series 7200 clean and tidy for a next time shave is priceless and easy like saying ABC.

Once you done shaving , simply rinse the comb and blades under the tap not forgetting the blades are stainless steel so rusting is something you should not worry about, just empty the hair trapped in the vacuum chamber and brush out the rest of the trapped hairs with cleaning brush added for a long lasting performance.Whether you want a short, medium, bald or a just a trim to go with, its all sorted by the zoom wheel where you choose to adjust to your desired length or level of shave starting from 0,5 milli meters to 10 millimeters with o,5 milli meters precision. With this shaving gadget what more would someone want not forgetting that it comes with a five years warranty and its pocket friendly anyone on the globe can easily afford it and get a few for the friends and family too.