Importance of a great listing agent in Philadelphia

So are you the one looking for selling or buying a Real estate property in Philadelphia. As you know, compared to other popular cities is US. Philly is more affordable and cost effective place to buy homes and real estate properties. If you go manually selling an home, finding a buyer and doing all the processes, you would be exhausted in no time. The process is very tiresome and you wont have that much time to involve and do all the process by yourself. Here Real estate listing agent comes into play.

Why Listing Agent

Finding a great Listing Agent for example,, should be your first priority in the process of selling your home. The listing agent is one who gives the directions and advises in order to sell your valuable property. Listing agent works directly with sellers and by networking with hundreds and thousands of individuals buyers, they facilitate the process of buying and selling of real state properties. So it is very very important to choose a great listing agent and especially in Philadelphia for your real estate transactions.

Importance of Choosing a Great listing agent

Choosing a good listing agent would pays in more unexpected ways. The first thing you would notice in a good listing agent is that they should be expertise in their work. They should be knowledgeable about your area must have a good experience in marketing tactics. You wont be interested in someone who puts up a sale sign board in your yard in order to sell it. You need someone who has the strategy and proper planning for selling your property.

The listing agent should be able to work with the price range that you are offering and you should consider his past experience of selling the homes at that area on your offered price range. Ask them whether they have some online marketing experience and whether they have their presence in popular websites like Zillow and Trulia.

Top 10 Questions to Ask to a listing agent

You won’t be considering any listing agent directly without knowing fully about them. Below we have mentioned some of the tough questions that you should ask to the listing agent in order to decide who is the best among them. After getting the answers of the below mentioned questions you would be confident enough about their hiring. Here we go.

Question 1: How many properties you have sold in this area in previous couple of year. Do they share the references with you.  Ask about their Real estate license.

Question 2: How many peoples or individuals buyers/sellers are you in contact with currently.

Question 3: Ask them about hiring the lawyer and the other process. Are they aware of all the legal procedures.

Question 4: If you hire them would they assist you on daily basis and what means of communication would they use.

Question 5: What is the appropriate price of your property and how had he arrive to that price.

Question 6: What is his marketing strategy for your home.

Question 7: What is the average list price to sale price ratio in the past year.

Question 8: What are the drawbacks of your house?

Question 9: What kind of Guarantee they are offering?

Question 10: What are their commission in the entire process and how much it is negotiable.



So after considering all the above point one can easily identify the great listing agents in their area. Its very important to find and a good and friendly agent, who can help at every step at a very reasonable cost. So go ahead and start interviewing listing agents in Philadelphia and make sure you verify the potential of a listing agent before hiring them.