How an Anti-Inflammatory patch can help you recover faster?

The patch Anti-inflammatory fromĀ is a new innovation in the world of medicine. this will cause a great impact in all the world, good, when be distributed for all this planet. the quantity of things that can are created from these patches is unimaginable, but, of course, so far is the start.

The patch of ibuprofen has been created by Warwick university (United Kingdom), in collaboration with the company Medherant, and is a first step to develop new painkillers with this format.

The patch is made up of a series of polymers that absorb the medicine and release it constantly through the skin for approximately 12 hours.

It must be applied directly in the affected area, thereby achieving greater efficiency. It contains an amount of ibuprofen of up to 30% of its weight or volume and between 5-10 times that of other patches and medical gels. patch for osteoarthritis: this class of patch are waterproof, this transparent patch is the first with diclofenac systemic action: the drug released by the device through the skin to reach the small blood vessels that are below, and from there run through the body. This mode of action allows the patch not necessarily have to be placed on the joint affected by osteoarthritis. In cases like the of osteoarthritis also can find this alternative of medicines that could solve some side effects that medications can cause orally (It was developed in Argentina).

You do not have to mix concepts. The potency of a drug is not given by the form of administration but by the characteristics of it. Thus, if the patient needs a drug derived from morphine and this is administered as a patch, it will always be more potent than an anti-inflammatory even if it is administered by mouth.

It is true that drugs that are administered in this way take longer to take effect, but going back to the previous point, once they take effect, their potency will be given by the characteristics of the active principle, whether it is a derivative of morphine, an anti-inflammatory or a local anesthetic.

The benefit of drugs in patches is the comfort they provide. The patient should only remember to change the patch at the right time so that the administration and effect of the drug are adequate.

It is also useful to know that not all patch drugs work in the same way. Thus, drugs such as fentanyl, an analgesic derived from morphine, takes effect in a generalized way although the patch is placed on the shoulder. The drug is absorbed and the effect is general.

However, other drugs such as lidocaine, only take effect where the patch is placed and, therefore, the patch should always be placed at the point where there is pain.

It is also important to take into account when starting treatment with a drug of these characteristics assess the patient. Patients with edema or with a very profuse sweating, the absorption of the drug can be very diminished, in the first case for lack of absorption and in the second because the patch can be easily peeled off and not maintain the necessary contact with the skin for its good performance.

In any case, the skin should be clean, dry and integrated and avoid placing the patch in areas with wounds.

Therefore, drugs administered in the form of a patch are useful, effective and very comfortable.

Conclusion, the patch despite of are an innovation for the medicine, should consider the characteristics of the pain, the comfort of the patient and the need of the analgesic (referring me to time of application or the shape of application that patient want). since this is a slightly slower way to take effect but more directly.