The future of shaving

Imagine shaving and feeling less concerned with the mess left behind. Well if you have a Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer Series 7200 this is more of a reality than a dream or a sci-fi movie. With the new stainless steel blades that are effectively designed to cut hair perfectly leaving no marks on your skin. It’s almost like the best safety razor at

More so the Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer Series 7200 is like none other with every pass the blades cut hair leaving none for a faster trimming.With its advanced lithium-ion battery, it could shave atleast twenty faces without going off while delivering its maximum high performance power. One hour twenty minutes unstoppable of use just from eighty minutes of charge also not forgetting that it can used while charging without the fear of shocking or blowing off on your face. It also has a battery indicator. You do not have to shave with fear of it going off, the indicator makes it more easier and fun to shave.

As in its just awesome shaving knowing how much power you have and how long you have to do a proper and complete shave.Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer Series 7200 comes with a high system which is used to trap and lift as many hairs as possible from the powerful suction created leaving you with very little or no mess to clean. You can actually shave on your way to work and no one will come after you for littering since 90 percent of the hair cut will be vacuumed. Adding a little style after a shave is always a mans want, i mean who would not want to look classy, to cut the long story short ,when you get that desired trim , finish up your style by pressing the precision trimmer.

The innovative lift and trim technology which effectively guides and pulls the hairs up while shaving and putting that awesome style is all a guarantee because of the rounded comb technology to deliver a skin friendly time and efficient cut.Most people prefer or like leaving their stuff clean and tidy. keeping the Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer Series 7200 clean and tidy for a next time shave is priceless and easy like saying ABC.

Once you done shaving , simply rinse the comb and blades under the tap not forgetting the blades are stainless steel so rusting is something you should not worry about, just empty the hair trapped in the vacuum chamber and brush out the rest of the trapped hairs with cleaning brush added for a long lasting performance.Whether you want a short, medium, bald or a just a trim to go with, its all sorted by the zoom wheel where you choose to adjust to your desired length or level of shave starting from 0,5 milli meters to 10 millimeters with o,5 milli meters precision. With this shaving gadget what more would someone want not forgetting that it comes with a five years warranty and its pocket friendly anyone on the globe can easily afford it and get a few for the friends and family too.

Application of Social Security Card

Every citizen of the United States of America can apply for a social security card. A social security number is a nine digit number that is primarily used to track individuals. Social security numbers aren’t only meant to track, but to enable the provision of essential facilities and services to American citizens. It does happen however that certain things in your life change and you find yourself living in new circumstances. When this happens, you need to make sure that your vital information is changed accordingly so that you can continue to receive benefits or go on to access other benefits that come with your present circumstance. You will have to apply for a new social security card by filling out a form known as SS-5 form. This process can be seen at Let’s look at some circumstances where you may need to fill out this form and why it is important to fill the form out correctly:

1. When you move

When you move you will have to change your utility accounts. Shut the old account down so you can have another in your new home. The social security agency needs to get an update on your current address so that you can continue to get government utilities and gas. You need to make sure that your form is correctly filled otherwise you won’t be able to receive government services. You could be moving just across the street or to another town, state or country, it is important that you put the correct information on your SS-5 form. The most dangerous thing that could happen when you incorrectly fill out SS-5 form when you move is that you open yourself to liabilities. If you have not updated your address, you may be held responsible and fined for things that happen at your old residence even after you’ve moved. This means paying for things that you shouldn’t be paying for.

2. When your marital status changes I change of surname

You should also fill out an SS-5 form when you get married or divorced so that you can continue to access the government’s social security benefits.

3. When you lose your card

When you lose your social security card you are also supposed to report this to the SSA and fill out the SS-5 form to make sure that your number isn’t fraudulently used by some else and so that you may continue to access government services.

4. When you need to change dependents

When you give birth or adopt a child, you need to ensure that the SSA gets the information by correctly filling out an SS-5 form. This will ensure that you get the social security benefits for them. If you find yourself being left with the responsibility of caring for an adult dependent like a grandparent or someone on a disability grant, you will also need to update your details by including the dependent in your SS-5 form so that you can access those benefits for them.

A misspelled name, the wrong date of birth and residential address on your social security card can wreak havoc in your life, do double check what you put in before submitting your SS-5 form.

Importance of a great listing agent in Philadelphia

So are you the one looking for selling or buying a Real estate property in Philadelphia. As you know, compared to other popular cities is US. Philly is more affordable and cost effective place to buy homes and real estate properties. If you go manually selling an home, finding a buyer and doing all the processes, you would be exhausted in no time. The process is very tiresome and you wont have that much time to involve and do all the process by yourself. Here Real estate listing agent comes into play.

Why Listing Agent

Finding a great Listing Agent for example,, should be your first priority in the process of selling your home. The listing agent is one who gives the directions and advises in order to sell your valuable property. Listing agent works directly with sellers and by networking with hundreds and thousands of individuals buyers, they facilitate the process of buying and selling of real state properties. So it is very very important to choose a great listing agent and especially in Philadelphia for your real estate transactions.

Importance of Choosing a Great listing agent

Choosing a good listing agent would pays in more unexpected ways. The first thing you would notice in a good listing agent is that they should be expertise in their work. They should be knowledgeable about your area must have a good experience in marketing tactics. You wont be interested in someone who puts up a sale sign board in your yard in order to sell it. You need someone who has the strategy and proper planning for selling your property.

The listing agent should be able to work with the price range that you are offering and you should consider his past experience of selling the homes at that area on your offered price range. Ask them whether they have some online marketing experience and whether they have their presence in popular websites like Zillow and Trulia.

Top 10 Questions to Ask to a listing agent

You won’t be considering any listing agent directly without knowing fully about them. Below we have mentioned some of the tough questions that you should ask to the listing agent in order to decide who is the best among them. After getting the answers of the below mentioned questions you would be confident enough about their hiring. Here we go.

Question 1: How many properties you have sold in this area in previous couple of year. Do they share the references with you.  Ask about their Real estate license.

Question 2: How many peoples or individuals buyers/sellers are you in contact with currently.

Question 3: Ask them about hiring the lawyer and the other process. Are they aware of all the legal procedures.

Question 4: If you hire them would they assist you on daily basis and what means of communication would they use.

Question 5: What is the appropriate price of your property and how had he arrive to that price.

Question 6: What is his marketing strategy for your home.

Question 7: What is the average list price to sale price ratio in the past year.

Question 8: What are the drawbacks of your house?

Question 9: What kind of Guarantee they are offering?

Question 10: What are their commission in the entire process and how much it is negotiable.



So after considering all the above point one can easily identify the great listing agents in their area. Its very important to find and a good and friendly agent, who can help at every step at a very reasonable cost. So go ahead and start interviewing listing agents in Philadelphia and make sure you verify the potential of a listing agent before hiring them.

How do payment processor works?

Payment processors and are companies that work with merchants to process financial transactions. Merchant accounts allow businesses to accept card payments from their customers with the aid of payment processors as an intermediary. For a payment processing transaction to be successful, there are interplays of steps that must occur between different stakeholders in the payment process.

How do payment processors work?

Payment processing involves moving funds from a cardholder account to the merchant’s account. The payment process includes 3 main sequential steps; transaction processing, authorization, and payment clearance.

1. Transaction Processing

The different players involve in processing payments and their roles are discussed below:

i. Cardholder: The cardholder is the customer who wants to make a payment. The payment process begins when cardholders enter their card details into the merchant’s online form or Point of Sale(POS) for the purchase of goods or services. For online transactions, the transaction details are routed through the payment gateway.

ii. Payment Gateway: It helps authorize transactions for e-commerce websites. It usually comes with a merchant account or can be acquired separately. The payment details received from the merchant is encrypted and securely sent to the payment processor.

iii. Payment Processors: Payment processors serves as data transfer link between the merchant, issuing bank (cardholder bank) and acquiring bank (merchant bank). They also provide the credit card machine or technology for accepting payments. After the transaction information from the payment gateway is received by the payment processor, the next step is the combination and formatting of the customer’s details including customer’s bank account, card details, and price. The processed data is then sent to the credit card company.

iv. Card Associations Card associations include credit card companies such as Master card and Visa card which act as fee setter and arbiter between the cardholder and the merchant’s bank. They route the transaction request to the cardholder’s bank for authorization using the appropriate card network.

v. Cardholder Bank: Cardholder banks are responsible for paying the merchant’s bank for every transaction made by the cardholder. They approve or decline a transaction after confirming the details. The state of the account, transaction validity and account balance are checked to ensure that the transaction can be done. A transaction response is then sent back to the payment processor.

2. Authorization
The authorization response from the cardholder bank is sent in a reverse order to that in which the transaction details were processed, first to the payment processor. The payment gateway receives the authorization code from the payment processor and then send it to the merchant’s terminal or website. The response is stored on the merchant’s server while the payment is being cleared.

3. Payment Clearance

The clearance begins with the forwarding of approved authorizations to the merchant’s bank which then credits the merchant’s accounts with the fund from sales and debits the account for processing fees. This is followed by the debiting of the cardholder bank account and the crediting of the merchant’s bank by the card company. Finally, the account of the cardholder is reconciled by the issuing bank while the merchant bank sends the approved funds to the business’ bank account. Both merchant accounts and payment processors are needed to process payments, the two services are usually offered separately but some payment service providers now combine their functions into one.

How to make your retail store count?

How to make your retail store count?

In today’s world of online shopping, people buy everything online and don’t even see retail stores. That’s the point where retail store owners get frustrated due to lack of daily customers and less income generated by their retail store.

If you are a retail store owner and visited wandering around the internet trying to find a way to increase your sales, you have reached your destination. In this article, we’ll help you out and show you the best way you can use to attract more traffic towards your retail store than the other retail store owners in the town.

What is a big sign?

A big sign or a signage is the logo which represents your retail store. In other words, it is signed containing your retail store’s name with symbolism that describes the good aspects only your retail store has in the whole town.

Importance of a Big Sign for your retail store

The big sign can be very necessary for your low income generating retail store. By placing a big sign that is designed well and looks good in look and feel, customers will get a good impression of your store assuming that you also have the best products for them that no one has around the city.

Things to consider while placing a big sign

While placing a big sign you should surely take a look at the following to-knows to get the best results.

1. Look and Feel

Make sure that your sign or logo best represents your store type, there are no glitches in the design that can give a negative signal to customer’s mind and let them go to the next outlet. Also, make sure there are not too many distractions in your store logo. Use professional looking fonts and colors to attract more traffic flow.

2. Dimensions

Now that you have made a suitable and satisfying design for your retail outlet logo, you should now jump into the physical object’s market and look for the best consultant which has a good experience in placing big signs. Keep your sign as big that customers can easily read it and drive towards your business.

3. Where to Place it

Now last and worth considering thing is Where you’ll place it? or what’s the best place to plant it? Well, you can simply place it where all others place it, on top of the store entrance. Make it as big so people passing by from far away can also read what’s written in it.


In this huge existence of retail stores, half of the customers are directed towards the online shopping and stores have too less to consume. An individual retail store gets much less than
the online shopping stores. To keep your existence, count in this situation, you can use a big sign that looks professional and eye-catching. It keeps your reputation as well as make your store to look unique than others while generating suitable amounts of income.

How to Change your Address with USPS


Are you moving to a new location? And you want to change your address with USPS (United States Postal Service)? You are reading the right article, specifically written to help you out on this. Changing your address shouldn’t have to be a hectic job. In fact, with proper guidance from, you can do it easily without spending a few extra bucks on companies that offer this service.

In this article, you will learn a step-by-step guide on how to  go about it, If you follow it meticulously, you won’t experience any  complications that you will face, if you do it without getting properly  informed.

So, let’s delve right into it now–here is what you should do;

You need to let the postal service know that you want to change your  address. And that all your mails should be forwarded to your new  location. The truth is, there are two options to take;

1. You can go to What you can do here is to change your current location online. And if you want to consider speed and convenience, it  is the easiest and fastest way to do it. If this option is what you chose, you will get an immediate email that will confirm the change.

However,there is something you should know: You will be charged $1 to change it to your new location. Also, you will need a debit or a credit card, and a functional or valid email address. Wonder what the $1 charge is for? It is simply for identity verification. It was done that way to prevent fraud. This will make them to know that it is actually you who is making the change.

You do not need to pay any company to do it for you. Some will charge up to $40, if not more! And if you are following, you will know that you can do it for far less: $1! The rest is yours to keep, obviously. So, head on to Wait! Before you do, you should read the other option too! It could prove very useful to some people.

2. This option has to do with your local post office; Go there. What you will be requesting for is a mover’s guide packet. You will find the PS form 3575 inside. This is what you will do when you get the packet: fill it out–It’s the change of address form. When you are done, cross check for accuracy. If you are certain that you have done it correctly, you should give the form to the postal worker. S/he will be behind the counter.

Alternatively, you can drop the form into the letter mail slot that is inside the post office. Are you done? Yes! All that you will do now is to wait to receive a confirmation letter.

Remember, the letter will be received at your new location. How long are you going to wait for it? In five business days, you ought to have received it. If for any reason you do not receive it in five business days, something is wrong! The best course of action would be to go to the post office and inquire.

However, if you fill the form appropriately, this will not happen. So, that is how you change your address with the USPS. Good luck (if you will need it)!

Did you know that hundreds of millions of mails do not reach their rightful recipients every year?

The saddest bit is that of this mass of humanity, 90% suffer serious consequences ranging from bankruptcy to personality fraud. Knowing reasons why you should update your address online saves you from these unnecessary misfortunes, and this article tackles exactly that! You can learn more from Here we go.
1. Avoiding being a victim of identity theft
There are some malicious people whose joy is to see you suffer identity crisis. Immediately you change your place of residence, they simply assume the ownership of your former address. All your mails get into their unscrupulous hands and boom! You have let them in on some of your secrets. Missing out on your mails can be a disaster, especially in the modern world where sending mails is the in thing when it comes to correspondence. That aside, your credit card companies need your correct information to effect online financial transactions. Remember your credit card is connected to your residential address. Visa will decline your transactions if these two do not match and you might fail to stream that movie on netflix. Apart from credit companies, you still have to deal with insurance companies, telecommunication companies and registration departments, just to mention a few. Honest advice – change your address online to avoid such disappointments.
2. Get your bills sent to the correct place
You don’t want snoopers to be privy to your billing information. Also, it will be quite a shame to miss out on payment simply because you never got the bills. Reason? The mails did not reach you! Be smarter than that by making sure your current address will have all yourEl bills delivered to you and no one else. It saves you and your company a great deal of time and energy.
3. Be on the right side of the law
Is it a criminal offence in some states to fail to update your address. Public organizations like insurance and motor vehicle registration companies require your up to date personal information. This is also vital for the accuracy of the information that the government has about you. Imagine being turned away on election day because the system cannot identify you claiming you entered the wrong information. The more reason you should make the necessary changes as soon as you move to a new location.
4. Some documents cannot be mailed
Think of a situation where you have renewed your card, passport or driver’s licence. These documents have special security features that make them impossible to reach you by email. They have to be mailed to you directly. This applies to all documents that require you to append your original signature. If you did not update your address accordingly, even your Christmas cards will get to the wrong hands!
The bottom line, updating your address online is a very important undertaking. You cannot afford to forget this. It is not rocket science either as there are some companies that help with this. What more? With the convenience of Internet connectivity, a custom search will yield many helpful results on any topic, including this particular one. So next time you make a move, do not forget to do the needful.

How an Anti-Inflammatory patch can help you recover faster?

The patch Anti-inflammatory from is a new innovation in the world of medicine. this will cause a great impact in all the world, good, when be distributed for all this planet. the quantity of things that can are created from these patches is unimaginable, but, of course, so far is the start.

The patch of ibuprofen has been created by Warwick university (United Kingdom), in collaboration with the company Medherant, and is a first step to develop new painkillers with this format.

The patch is made up of a series of polymers that absorb the medicine and release it constantly through the skin for approximately 12 hours.

It must be applied directly in the affected area, thereby achieving greater efficiency. It contains an amount of ibuprofen of up to 30% of its weight or volume and between 5-10 times that of other patches and medical gels. patch for osteoarthritis: this class of patch are waterproof, this transparent patch is the first with diclofenac systemic action: the drug released by the device through the skin to reach the small blood vessels that are below, and from there run through the body. This mode of action allows the patch not necessarily have to be placed on the joint affected by osteoarthritis. In cases like the of osteoarthritis also can find this alternative of medicines that could solve some side effects that medications can cause orally (It was developed in Argentina).

You do not have to mix concepts. The potency of a drug is not given by the form of administration but by the characteristics of it. Thus, if the patient needs a drug derived from morphine and this is administered as a patch, it will always be more potent than an anti-inflammatory even if it is administered by mouth.

It is true that drugs that are administered in this way take longer to take effect, but going back to the previous point, once they take effect, their potency will be given by the characteristics of the active principle, whether it is a derivative of morphine, an anti-inflammatory or a local anesthetic.

The benefit of drugs in patches is the comfort they provide. The patient should only remember to change the patch at the right time so that the administration and effect of the drug are adequate.

It is also useful to know that not all patch drugs work in the same way. Thus, drugs such as fentanyl, an analgesic derived from morphine, takes effect in a generalized way although the patch is placed on the shoulder. The drug is absorbed and the effect is general.

However, other drugs such as lidocaine, only take effect where the patch is placed and, therefore, the patch should always be placed at the point where there is pain.

It is also important to take into account when starting treatment with a drug of these characteristics assess the patient. Patients with edema or with a very profuse sweating, the absorption of the drug can be very diminished, in the first case for lack of absorption and in the second because the patch can be easily peeled off and not maintain the necessary contact with the skin for its good performance.

In any case, the skin should be clean, dry and integrated and avoid placing the patch in areas with wounds.

Therefore, drugs administered in the form of a patch are useful, effective and very comfortable.

Conclusion, the patch despite of are an innovation for the medicine, should consider the characteristics of the pain, the comfort of the patient and the need of the analgesic (referring me to time of application or the shape of application that patient want). since this is a slightly slower way to take effect but more directly.

The 4 Most Common Problems Experienced when Selling Homes

Is it a long awaited need for change or a new job that has you looking into selling your home? Well whatever your reason you might want to lower your excitement a notch as you are in for a rather strenuous decision making process, as selling a home is nothing like the trading done in your favorite stores.

However, a little assistance such as an article as this identifying the most common problems you are likely to face in the process, will efficiently prepare you in finding solutions beforehand. Below are the top 4 challenges you are likely to encounter:

A buyer’s market setting

This means that the current market conditions in your area greatly favor the buyers in that there are many listings that is, a great number of homes up for sale to choose from. This consecutively reduces the chances of your home getting viewed and picked as it increases competition. Therefore, sellers, in this case you, have to lower their prices to attract prospective buyers. What you are hoping for is a seller’s market where buyers are in plenty and listings are few causing home prices to rocket as demand is high.

Getting a suitable realtor

This is the one person that can smoothen the selling process for you as he/she is well versed in real estate and will offer quick solutions to any arising issues. The problem comes in finding the ideal one as there are very many realtors available but only few are capable of doing what they promise. In fact, statistically, over 80% of the deals reached are brokered by 15% or less of its real estate agents. Bothering to learn a little about your local real estate market and asking relevant questions to prospects will greatly increase your chances of working with someone outstanding. It is advisable to pick someone with a greater than average success rate.

Valuing your home

This comes with two challenges, overpricing and underpricing. If you overprice your home, chances are it will receive fewer viewing than it would have had it been fairly priced. This it goes without saying will reduce the chances of your home getting a buyer and the longer it goes unbought, the more it appears less desirable. Now, if you underprice, it might land you in financial problems but depending on the circumstances for the sale, tax laws might favor you and prevent more loss. Working with qualified personnel on both issues that is a good realtor and accountant, should help you make informed decisions.


This is mainly caused by emotional attachment to the home, causing you the seller to back out at the last minute due to guilt. Selling a home will bring about many more emotions other than guilt such as frustration, anger et cetera. Emotional outbursts may cost you a great deal or unnecessary charges from your realtor in cases where you decide not to sell. Just keeping your emotions in check at least during business transactions will do the trick here.There are many more challenges you are most likely to face but these are the 4 most common and finding solutions to them will make the rest a walk over. Good luck.

USPS change of address guide

In this article we shall explore the process involved with updating your postal address online. The United States Postal Service understand that moving house is one of the most stressful things your average person can go through and have made it really simple to update your postal address on there website. Simply search USPS change of address in your browser search engine or go direct to the Unites States Postal Service website and follow the link listed under ‘Moving soon?’ To get started with the process.

The introduction page to the change of address covers the benefits of doing your change of address online, and covers there privacy statement, by clicking continue at the bottom left of the page you agree to abide by there terms of service and that any information provided is accurate and honest.

The next web page you will be presented with covers the type of move you will be making. Temporary moves are for people who intend to return to there old address within 12 months, going to college for a semester is a perfect example of this, clicking the circle for temporary moves also brings up an additional box for what date the redirection of mail ends. Permanent moves are where you do not intend to return to the old address at all. You are then asked what date you would like your mail to be redirected from. This is the day you move into your new address, it is best to set the change of address up in plenty of time for your move, this allows for the post office to set up the mail forwarding. If you have clicked for a temporary move, you will also be asked when you would like the mail redirection to end. This is the date you intend to leave the address and return to your old one. All dates should be written in Month, Day, Year format.

The next three options cover the type of move, Individual moves are for one person, If you are receiving mail under another name, you will need to fill in a form for each name you use.

The family option is used when everyone in your family with the same last name is moving. If you have family members moving with you under different last names, you will need to use the individual option for each person with a different last name.

Finally the business option is used for people moving there business address.

Simply click the circle that suits your needs and then click the continue option in the lower right hand corner of the web page.

The next page is your personal details.

The first three boxes are for your first Middle and last names, simply type in the required information. There
is a drop down menu box to choose your suffix, I.E Mr, Mrs, Jr etc.

The next section is your email address, type it into the text box here, and again in the confirm email box, this is so the USPS can send you a confirmation email of your redirection.

In the USPS requires one contact phone number for processing the change of address. It is up to you if it is a land line or mobile number.

The next two sections of this online form cover your new and old addresses, take care to fill these in accurately, The longer boxes are for your property number or name, and street. There are separate boxes for your city, state and ZIP codes. It can be helpful to get someone else to double check you have entered all these details correctly. Under the boxes for the New address there is a check button for if your new address has been built within the last six months.

Finally on this page there is an option to receive USPS Informed Delivery, this offers a snapshot of all letter sized deliveries sent to you. As well as the option to track parcels that are coming to you though the USPS. When you click continue you will be taken to a page to confirm your identity, The USPS charge $1 to your credit or debit card, this electronically confirms that you are who you say you are, and is used as a fraud prevention measure. Fill in your card details in the relevant boxes on the page and click continue.

As part of the USPS process they offer a large number of coupons to people moving changing there address. This is dealt with on the page ‘instant savings’ and is the final step before confirming your change of address. When you are through to section five ‘Confirm order, take a moment to carefully read over everything again, this ensures everything runs smoothly for both you and the postal service.

Changing address online is not as scary as it first seems, and can save you a lot of time going to your local post office, also you get an instant email confirmation when the mail redirection is set up, which gives a huge piece of mind when you are moving.