Application of Social Security Card

Every citizen of the United States of America can apply for a social security card. A social security number is a nine digit number that is primarily used to track individuals. Social security numbers aren’t only meant to track, but to enable the provision of essential facilities and services to American citizens. It does happen however that certain things in your life change and you find yourself living in new circumstances. When this happens, you need to make sure that your vital information is changed accordingly so that you can continue to receive benefits or go on to access other benefits that come with your present circumstance. You will have to apply for a new social security card by filling out a form known as SS-5 form. This process can be seen at Let’s look at some circumstances where you may need to fill out this form and why it is important to fill the form out correctly:

1. When you move

When you move you will have to change your utility accounts. Shut the old account down so you can have another in your new home. The social security agency needs to get an update on your current address so that you can continue to get government utilities and gas. You need to make sure that your form is correctly filled otherwise you won’t be able to receive government services. You could be moving just across the street or to another town, state or country, it is important that you put the correct information on your SS-5 form. The most dangerous thing that could happen when you incorrectly fill out SS-5 form when you move is that you open yourself to liabilities. If you have not updated your address, you may be held responsible and fined for things that happen at your old residence even after you’ve moved. This means paying for things that you shouldn’t be paying for.

2. When your marital status changes I change of surname

You should also fill out an SS-5 form when you get married or divorced so that you can continue to access the government’s social security benefits.

3. When you lose your card

When you lose your social security card you are also supposed to report this to the SSA and fill out the SS-5 form to make sure that your number isn’t fraudulently used by some else and so that you may continue to access government services.

4. When you need to change dependents

When you give birth or adopt a child, you need to ensure that the SSA gets the information by correctly filling out an SS-5 form. This will ensure that you get the social security benefits for them. If you find yourself being left with the responsibility of caring for an adult dependent like a grandparent or someone on a disability grant, you will also need to update your details by including the dependent in your SS-5 form so that you can access those benefits for them.

A misspelled name, the wrong date of birth and residential address on your social security card can wreak havoc in your life, do double check what you put in before submitting your SS-5 form.