How Often Do Air Conditioners Break

Most people with air conditioning units are often worried about potential breakdowns and the units failing to function when they are needed the most. One thing you should understand as the owner is that most of the breakdowns could always be avoided if you adhere to the maintenance schedules of the manufactures.

Heating and cooling experts opine that air conditioners should be inspected, serviced and cleaned at least once every year – especially during spring – so that they can function at their peak efficiency during the months you will need them the most.

During the regular operations of the air conditioners, they end up accumulating dirt and dust in crucial components such as the air filters and the condensing coils, and this usually hampers their efficiency. If not attended to in good time, the system can lose up to 10% of its operating efficiency every year because of the buildup, and this implies that you will be unable to cool or warm your house in the same manner as when the system was clean.

With all the variables involved, it is therefore not possible to tell with absolute certainty just how often an air conditioner will break down, even the experts at air conditioning repair cypress tx won’t be able to accurately predict when breakdowns will occur.

This frequency is dependent on some factors, including but not limited to-:

The rate of regular service and maintenance

It goes without saying that if you offer no inspection, servicing or cleaning of the unit as recommended by the experts, then your unit may experience frequent breakdowns. With continued use, the condensing coils and the air filters will get clogged with dirt and other debris, and these will ultimately affect the overall performance of the unit. One inspection per year is sufficient to get the system cleaned and readied for peak operations during the months when it is needed the most.

The nature of the load

For maximum efficiency, the air conditioning units have design specs that should never be exceeded. For instance, you may purchase a unit to serve three rooms, but if you try to force it to serve more than three rooms, it will get overloaded, and this will not just affect its efficiency, but also will cause a lot of tears and wear on the core components, leading to frequent breakdowns and a shortened lifespan.

Failure to attend to signs of imminent breakdown

There will always be signs to precede every breakdown. Ignoring these warnings will lead to a higher frequency of breakdowns and promptly attending to them will avert potential problems with the unit. Signs such as overheating, fan not running, and funny noises originating from the unit should be attended to immediately they are noticed.

The age of the unit

If your air conditioning unit is closing in on its sunset years, then you may experience frequent breakdowns. This is because the air conditioner is old and most parts are no longer effective. You may decide to keep on repairing and replacing the parts with every breakdown, but after the unit has exceeded its expected lifespan, the best thing to do is replace it with a new one.

In conclusion, there is no specific frequency on the breakdown of an air conditioner. If proper care and maintenance are observed and issues are addressed immediately they are noticed, then the frequency of breakdowns will be very low. But if this is not done, then you can expect to make service calls to your AC experts on a more regular basis.

Why it’s a good idea to sell your home fast

Selling your home fast can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks. However, this daunting work can help you earn huge profits if you opt for home staging services for selling your home fast. It is a process of preparing a house for sale incorporating specific proven methods, which are not only quick and cost-effective, but also add aesthetic value to your house. Home staging and redesign is considered by I buy houses to be a highly successful way of selling homes fast at a considerably better price.

Home staging services may include renovating the house, by painting or adding some personalized touch-ups. It may also include new fixtures, window treatments, cleaning or re-stretching the existing carpet, select furniture to compliment the accessories and artwork of the rooms. Home staging services can also include the landscaping and pressure washing the exterior of the house. It helps in yielding significant results and helps to make a profit.

Home staging tips: Home staging tips help homeowners increase the probability of selling the home fast, at the highest possible price. They are as follows:

Remove the clutter: By far the best way to sell your house quickly is to get rid of all the clutter in your house. It is essential to clear the unnecessary confusion to achieve a neat and clean look. It certainly increases the chances of attracting prospective buyers, as buyers prefer buying uncluttered houses. You can sell or donate your unwanted utensils, clothes, boxes and many other insignificant things that occupy the considerable amount of space in your house. Removing the clutter gives a descent look to your home that helps sell it fast.

Showcase the house as generic: Try to bring a generic effect in the rooms, which appeals to some people. Mostly rooms reflecting pet, family, career interests do not appeal a variety of homebuyers. It is wise to include some room accessories, the literature on the bookshelf and religious preferences. The idea is to redesign your house in such a manner that can arouse interest in people from different walks of life. It helps them find something or the other in the house that match their basic interests and help them to imagine their stay in the house.

Modify the look: Home staging services help modify the look of your house, by making slight changes. You can enhance the beauty of your house by making the entryway of your house as welcoming as possible. You can plant flowers in the front yard to brighten it up. Besides you can also include landscape lighting to your garden, thereby brightening up the complete ambiance of the house. Proper lighting in the house can add charm to the home and remove the gloomy shadows, making the rooms livelier.

An arrangement of furniture: Making slight changes in the arrangement of furniture can make a lot of difference to the look of a house. You can arrange furniture in small settings if the room is large.

Color psychology: Color plays a significant role in changing the attitude of people towards a house. It is essential to choose colors for your house wisely. Try to use bright colors in the bedrooms to make them appear lively.